Daniel Barredo

Institut d’Optique

Daniel Barredo completed his PhD in the Surface Science Laboratory at Universidad
Autónoma de Madrid in 2009. Afterwards, he was awarded a Marie Curie Intra
European Fellowship to work with Rydberg atoms in thermal vapor cells in the group of
T. Pfau in Stuttgart. He continued his research in the group of A. Browaeys at Institut
d’Optique (IOGS, Palaiseau-France), where he contributed to the development of a
novel platform for quantum simulation based on programmable arrays of individual
atoms trapped in optical tweezers and excited to Rydberg states. This Rydberg
quantum simulator can now operate with full individual control over more 200 qubits
and be reliably used to tackle real world open problems in condensed-matter physics.
Daniel moved to CINN (CSIC, Spain) to continue his research in quantum information
science and actively collaborates with his former group at IOGS.

Talk: Exploring quantum magnetism and spin squeezing with Rydberg atom arrays