Zlatko Minev


Dr. Zlatko Minev serves as a tech and team lead in quantum computing at IBM Quantum. Minev received his Ph.D. in quantum computing from Yale in 2018 with distinction. His dissertation work on catching and reversing a quantum jump mid-flight was selected as the top Math/Physical Sciences discovery in Discover’s The Top 50 Stories of the Year.

At IBM Quantum, Dr. Minev continued his research, founded the world’s first quantum processor design & analysis full-stack program, Qiskit Metal, and later founded and led the Qiskit Leap research group. For his work, in 2020, he was named one of MIT Technology Review’s 35 Global Innovators Under 35 and received the Presidential John Atanasoff Award.

Dr. Minev also serves as a Member of the Executive Board of the Yale Graduate Alumni Association (GSAA) and is the lead and host of IBM Quantum Information Seminar Series. In recognition of his outreach efforts, Dr. Minev was awarded the highest public service honor at Yale, the Yale-Jefferson Award for Public Service.

Talk: Quantum simulation on today’s quantum computers: Overcoming noise