Summer School

Purpose: A series of lectures given by experts in the field on a variety of quantum simulation topics, including experimental platforms, analog or NISQ approaches, and future fault-tolerant strategies. This summer school is structured to provide PhD students and postdocs working in a quantum field with a strong overview of quantum simulation.

Dates: Thursday, August 3 to Saturday, August 5, 2023

Location: Telluride Conference Center, 580 Mountain Village Blvd, Mountain Village, CO 81435

Registration: There is no registration fee for the summer school but attendance is limited. Please complete the registration process using the link below to submit your interest in attending. We will review each application and respond separately via email to update you on the outcome of the review process, including if we are able to offer you attendance and if any partial travel support can be provided. Please do not make any travel plans until you receive a confirmation. This procedure applies only to the summer school due to limited attendance.

Summer school registration has ended for this year.


  • Day 1 – Experimental Platforms for Quantum Science
  • Day 2 – Experiment meets Theory: Analog / Digital Quantum Simulation
  • Day 3 – Theory: Error Correction and Digital Methods

Invited Lecturers:

  • Hannes Bernien (University of Chicago)
  • Ken Brown (Duke)
  • Isaac Chuang (MIT)
  • Nathan Fitzpatrick (Quantinuum)
  • Chris Monroe (Duke)
  • Peter Zoller (University of Innsbruck)
  • Rob Schoelkopf (Yale) – online

Graduate/postdoc organizing committee:

  • Eleanor Crane, Postdoc, UMD
  • Jahan Claes, Postdoc, Yale
  • Mingyu Kang, Student, Duke
  • Yingyue Zhu, Student, UMD
  • Jeronimo Martinez, Student, Princeton
  • Jeff Thompson, Faculty Advisor, Princeton

Staff organizing committee:

  • Kuljeet Kaur, UMD
  • Emily Mercurio, UMD


Day 1: Thursday, August 3, 2023

TopicStart TimeEnd TimeDuration
Lecture – Experimental Platforms: Rydberg
by Hannes Bernien (including break)
9:00 am10:30 am1.5 hours
Break10:30 am11:00 am30 minutes
Lecture – Experimental Platforms: Superconducting Circuit
by Rob Schoelkopf – online
11:00 am12:30 pm1.5 hours
Lunch (not provided by the summer school)12:30 pm2:00 pm1.5 hours
Open time for networking activity2:00 pm5:00 pm3 hours
Dinner (not provided by the summer school)5:00 pm6:30 pm1.5 hours
Brainstorming session6:30 pm7:30 pm1 hour
Lecture – Experiment Platforms: Trapped Atomic ions
by Chris Monroe (including break)
7:30 pm8:30 pm1 hour

Day 2: Friday, August 4, 2023

TopicStart TimeEnd TimeDuration
Lecture – Experiment meets Theory: Digital NISQ
Quantum Simulation by Nathan Fitzpatrick
(including break)
8:30 am10:30 am2 hours
Break10:30 am11:00 am30 minutes
Lecture – Experiment meets Theory: Analog Quantum
Simulation by Peter Zoller (including break)
11:00 am1:00 pm2 hours
Lunch (not provided by the summer school)1:00 pm2:30 pm1.5 hours
Open time for networking activity
(self-organized by the summer school attendees)
2:30 pm4:00 pm1.5 hours
Lecture: Qubitization based quantum simulation
by Isaac Chuang (including break)
4:00 pm6:00 pm2 hours
Open time for music, dinner, networking
(self-organized by the summer school attendees)
6:00 pm

Day 3: Saturday, August 5, 2023

TopicStart TimeEnd TimeDuration
Lecture – Theory: Quantum Error Correction
by Ken Brown (including break)
9:00 am11:00 am2 hours
Break11:00 am11:30 am30 minutes
Workshop / problem-set sessions11:30 am1:00 pm1.5 hours