Towards new frontiers of quantum science with dual-species atom arrays

08/08/2023, 9:30am-10:00am
Presenter: Giulia Semeghini

In this talk, we will explore recent advancements in quantum science using Rydberg atom arrays and present future applications enabled by the use of a dual-species array based on a mixture of alkali and alkaline-earth atoms. Trapped arrays of interacting Rydberg atoms have become a leading platform for quantum information processing and quantum simulation due to their large system size and programmability. The use of two atomic species introduces the ability to store quantum information in one species and perform operations with the other, together with the possibility of selectively controlling inter and intra-species interactions for more flexible Hamiltonian engineering. These new features enable new and more efficient protocols for quantum error correction and collective quantum gates, and would allow access to a broader class of highly-entangled phases of matter. We will present our plans for a new experimental platform based on Yb and Rb atom arrays, which will take advantage of the different features of these two atomic species to create a flexible platform for quantum simulation and quantum information processing.