Waseem Bakr


Prof. Waseem Bakr is a professor of physics at Princeton University. He leads an experimental group focused on studying quantum many-body physics with ultracold gases of atoms and molecules. Prof. Bakr obtained his PhD from Harvard University in 2011, where he developed the technique of quantum gas microscopy for detecting individual atoms in optical lattices and used it to perform microscopic studies of quantum phase transitions in bosonic lattice gases and quantum spin systems. He later extended the technique to fermionic atoms as a post-doc in the group of Martin Zwierlein at MIT. At Princeton, his group has used microscopy to study a variety of many-body phenomena in strongly-interacting lattice fermions, Rydberg-dressed ultracold gases and ultracold gases of polar molecules.

Talk: Quantum gas microscopy of correlated systems with new ingredients: kinetic frustration and dipolar interactions